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Isidora Gajic

Audiovisual piece “HABANA TAXI” is a poetic narrative documentary short movie.

The piece is built-up of chapters which are blended in a rhythm. Capturing, through a visual language, the “time of the Cuban people”. I started making portraits of the locals traveling in old cars. These pictures represented the time of Havana, in motion, in a state of change towards the unknown.


Simultaneously, using the car frames as an image frame to the portraits.

Cuban cars are like timeless, mechanical, colourful and mobile structures which serve as a testimonial of times past and present, one spilling onto another; the time standing still and moving at the same time.

Wile visually striking.

The music in the piece is played by the Havana Philharmonic Orchestra. Recording on a tape the Orchestra’s rehearsal. In addition, there is one song by Bola de Nieve, a lullaby with which most children grew up in Cuba.

In this piece, I mix sounds and portraits with other elements in order to bring a viewer closer to the locals daily life.

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